About Us

Creative Team,
Big Impact

Our Mission

To reach beyond the accepted and create new thinking for every client, creating web properties and associated design work that banishes template design, and instead focuses on the people, values and ideas of every business. Through this, we create unique, beautiful and effective designs that look and feel great to use, reshaping what web development in Ohio can be.

Our Vision

Delivering not just the best design solutions for every client, but to ensure that we provide an exceptional service from first contact to delivery and beyond. We aim to be partners in your business journey, helping you fulfill your organization’s potential. Check Wise Sites profile on DesignRush.

Meet The Owner

“Work hard, be kind, and amazing things will happen."

Hey there, I'm Blake! Hailing from Ohio, my tech journey began at 11, sparked by a love for video games. Evolving from coding languages to community building, I've grown my gaming community to 20,000 members, delving into marketing, PR, and cybersecurity with an MTA security certification. Beyond work, I'm thrilled about the next chapter, always eager to implement new tech and contribute to the evolving landscape. Outside the digital realm, I cherish moments with my girlfriend, especially as we prepare for our first child, embracing adventures, staying active, and enjoying great food. Here's to the ongoing adventure, both in code and in life!

Blake W.


Our Values

Be Genuine

Conformity and courage can not coexist. Be true to yourself and great things will follow.

Be Creative

Don’t dwell on competition. Focus on creation. There is no competition for those who create.

Be Objective

Challenge assumptions. Think long term. Stand on principles and not short sighted gains.

Be Prosperous

Help others prosper and we will prosper in return. It’s that simple.